Saturday, February 6, 2016

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Engineers Should be Skilled Listeners

From the Financial Times today by Simon Kuper in his Opening Shot column - Lessons In Listening:

"Good listeners ask questions, but not too many.  Journalists know the best moment in the interview often comes when you put away your pen and say, "Thank you so much for your time."  Then the interviewee - freed from your barrage of questions - tells you the thing she had been wanting to say.

Listening to anyone halfway interesting is a stimulus to think of something new.  The German writer Heinrich von Kleist called this "the gradual completion of thoughts while speaking".  In business, skilled listeners will use the other person's words to make a sale.  A consultant  that I know says that instead of telling clients what he has to offer, he usually asks them, "What's top of mind?"  If the client replies, "We're just working out how to replace all our workers with robots." he can then say. "It so happens we're got just the product for that."  Every common knows that what you really sell people are their own fantasies."

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Smart Cities Need to Be Socially Resilient

From the Thoughts column at Arup:

"Social resilience can be thought of as the ability of individuals and groups within communities to cohesively re-organize and ultimately overcome the impacts of difficult situations and events. It’s clear to me that there’s little point in having a city that’s 'smart' but not socially resilient. So these two strands of thinking must be considered simultaneously to drive what we want technology to do for our cities and to make sure the smart economy reaches its full potential and can benefit everyone."