Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How Ira Glass Works

Interesting - link.

Managing Gigaprograms

Increasing Voter Turnout for Your Next Bond Election

This might be the trick - story from LA:

"Los Angeles city leaders are considering a lottery system to reward citizens for casting a ballot in local elections, in a measure to combat low voter turnout that officials and outside observers say could be a first for any U.S. municipality.

The Los Angeles Ethics Commission voted 3-0 on Thursday to recommend that members of the City Council move forward with the lottery idea, either by putting it before voters as a local initiative or by adopting it on their own, said commission president Nathan Hochman.

The commission discussed a number of possible ways for the lottery to work, including the use of $100,000 to be split into four prizes of $25,000, or 100 pots of $1,000 for lucky voters who win the drawing, Hochman said."

In Praise of Retreat

Good move buying out coastal homeowners - paying money today to save money in the future - story.

Algae Systems

Could be the company for the Age of Algae - - Algae Systems.  The Toledo's of the world might want to take notice.